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CASA (ToreroOrgs) (CASA)

Service learning reflects the mission of USD, which embraces the Catholic moral and social tradition by its commitment to serve with compassion, to foster peace and to work for justice, and prepare leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate.

Outdoor Adventures (OA)

Outdoor Adventures (OA) serves the USD community with opportunities to experience outdoor activities that aim to promote personal growth, leadership development, relationship building and environmental responsibility. We offer a variety of local, regiona

SLIC (ToreroOrgs) (SLIC)

We are dedicated to giving students the information and tools they need to be effective leaders. We offer trainings on how to better lead a group and effect change, as well as advising and access to other useful resources. Our offices are in the

United Front Multicultural Center (ToreroOrgs) (UFMC)

The United Front Multicultural Center engages the University of San Diego community in exploring and affirming the unique identity of each person. The UFMC fosters an environment where student leaders feel empowered to become change agents.

University Ministry (ToreroOrgs) (UM)

Belong, Believe, Become!

Women's Center (ToreroOrgs) (Women's Center)

Statement of Purpose The Women’s Center invites women to find voice, develop skills for transformation and understand who they are called to be.