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American Indian and Indigenous Student Organization (AIISO)

Formerly known as the "Native American Student Organization,” AIISO plans to create an environment committed to the needs of Native college students. This year, we aim to increase membership and foster a culturally aware campus.

Asian Students Association (ASA)

Asian Students Association invites all of USD community to celebrate, participate, and learn about all of the different ethnicities within Asian cultures.

Associated Students (AS)

The Associated Students' Leadership Team serves University of San Diego Undergraduates as official student representatives who promote opportunities for growth and expression, address student issues, and enrich a diverse, inclusive, and engaged

Astronomy Club

For the stargazer in all of us.


The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness and recruit potential donors to the Be The Match Registry as part of the National Bone Marrow Registry. To raise funds for the Be the Match program and contribute to the growth of the program. In

Black Student Union (BSU)

We,the students of the University of San Diego,seek to educate individuals and organizations in the San Diego community on the global experience of African-Americans.

CASA (ToreroOrgs) (CASA)

Service learning reflects the mission of USD, which embraces the Catholic moral and social tradition by its commitment to serve with compassion, to foster peace and to work for justice, and prepare leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

CSSA is the association held by Chinese students that invites all USD community to participate, experience and learn about Chinese culture. CSSA is an entertaining and practical platform for introducing Chinese elements to all USD community.

Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO)

Our Mission FUSO stands for Filipino "Ugnayan" Student Organization. In the Filipino language, "ugnayan" translates to "link" or to "unite". We believe that awareness and an appreciation of one's culture are important to one's identity.

Folklorico and Mariachi Association (FAMA)

The Folklorico and Mariachi Association will educate others on the diversity of the Mexican culture through dance and music. Members will participate in social services, spread cultural awareness, and establish a more welcoming environment for students.

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