BSU Open Mic Night

BSU's first social event

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! USD's BSU first event is all set in stone!                                                                     

                                           USD's BSU Presents:                                

                                          "BSU's Open Mic NIght"

For our first event we wanted to bring everyone together in one place to witness your fellow USD students and some local people's undiscovered talent. If you know of anyone who wants to sing, dance, do a acting skit, or read a poem, or maybe wants to do a comedy skit, or rap, or anything, and doesn't know where to go, direct them our way! This event is totally free and we encourage everyone to come! So..Come!!

When is it?: Thursday night on November 17th from 7pm-9pm

Where is it?: On USD's Campus in Aromas Cafe

Who's invited?: Any and Everyone!

Entrance Cost?: FREEEE!!

We will have light refreshments (which will be regular price):Coffee, Tea, cookies, etc.

Contact me or Virgil Hart for questions regarding directions or anything else. Hope to see you guys there!

Jeffery Bush-

Virgil Hart-

Posted by Jeffery Bush on October 23, 2011