Showing April 18 - April 24, 2014

Friday, 6/1

Model Constitution
6/1/2012 5:00 PM to 4/26/2014 1:00 AM

Click here for a model constitution that can be used as a template to create your own constitution for your organization. 

Wednesday, 6/13

Student Organization Representatives
6/13/2012 4:00 PM to 4/30/2014 5:45 PM

Student Organization Representatives (SOR) are staff members who act as an on-site resource for event planning, consulting, and general advising. The SORs are assigned based on the type of category your club is affiliated with. Click here to find out…

Thursday, 6/21

Important Dates for Student Organizations
6/21/2012 12:45 PM to 5/30/2014 1:45 PM

Click here for a list of the 2013-2014 ICC meeting dates.